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At EURODIB we specialize in importing some of the finest foodservice Equipment & Supplies in the market today. Items such as LAMBER Dish Machines, BREMA Ice Makers, ATOVAC Vacuum Sealing Machines, GEMM Blast Chillers or EURODIB Private Labeled products: Mixers, Slicers, Wine Cellars… Also, take a look at our various line of Decoration Tools from BRON COUCKE, Cookware from DEBUYER, Baking Molds from SILIKOMART and more… We are confident you will find something for all your foodservice needs!


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Heavy Equipment
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Since delivering the very first rack oven in 1958, they have been committed to the quality of their products. Pioneering innovations over the years have laid the foundation for Revent’s sales success and market leadership the world over.

They want to do more than offer an oven of the highest quality built according to the market’s leading technology. Revent aims to make every day a little easier for their customers and offer the functions they need to be successful in their business.

This is why Revent offers a top-of-the-line oven customers can depend on, day after day, year after year. An oven that bakes bread so well, their customers will go out of the way to buy it. An oven with low operating costs that will generate a profit at the end of the month.


Revent’s understanding of the baker’s daily needs and concerns makes them more than just one in a long line of oven manufacturers. This insight reflects their daily business. This is what they mean by ”more than quality.” It is obvious everyone needs to contribute to conserving Earth’s precious resources in order to create a healthy environment. Revent ovens are designed to last longer, use less energy and produce bread with a higher volume for the amount of ingredients used. No other supplier comes close in terms of energy consumption. An oven is an expensive investment you don’t just toss away. Revent ovens have the longest life expectancy on the market. Around the world there are thousands of Revent ovens that have been going strong for over 25 years and are still used on a daily basis. When their ovens have served their purpose, all their parts can be recycled.


By building sustainable, energy-efficient products we also contribute to a sustainable society for future generations.



Enofrigo combines top quality materials, advanced technology and an elegant, mouth-watering presentation. Enofrigo’s four lines of refrigerated, neutral and hot food displays offer superbly practical and freely configurable solutions for enhancing the flavours, colours and fragrances of foods in all sales settings, from supermarkets to small shops. See how many different possibilities Enofrigo refrigerated catering and buffet equipment offers. Enjoy the spaciousness of Wide Vision, the luminous elegance of Doge, the configurability of Mondrian, and the contemporary convenience of Fast Gourmet. 


In several areas, the company is truly ahead of the times, with its policy of using 100% recyclable materials in the manufacture of products such as the i.Am wine cabinet, which aspires to the goal of full eco-sustainability. 
No less important, Enofrigo spreads the word by informing customers and end users on these topics, so as to increase responsible involvement: descriptions of materials, products and corporate procedures, also hints on how products should best be utilized, and ultimately disposed of, to ensure eco-friendly use.



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